DigiFest Sponsorship

JDS Creative Academy (JDSCA), is a nonprofit 501c3, our mission is to inspire through education and to enhance achievement in workforce development in industries of visual and performing arts including new media technology. JDSCA is creating the first annual DigiFestTM to be held April 12th, 13th & 14th 2019 in Temecula, CA. This 3 day “All Things Digital” event will garnish attention from the local community, the region, our state, the nation, and potentially the globe.

JDSCA’s DigifestTM 2019 is a venue for Community and Region to come together and experience Digital Media in many creative and artistic forms. This will be an entertainment source for the regional community to experience, it will be a place to network and collaborate with like-minded people, it will be a place to learn about industry advancements, how to peruse a career in the industry, how to have more of the digital arts as a community & economic culture, and acknowledge talent in the industry at all levels and ages.

The 3 Day DigifestTM event will consist of various digital gallery exhibits, renowned industry speakers, workshops, and a grand finale awards banquet. Competition applicants will range from ages ten years old through adults in various categories and division sections: Student, College, Amateur and Professional. Digital Media Categories of; video/digital film, animation, music, games, photography, art.

We are looking to engage over 1500 people through the 3-day event activities. This event will take place in a few locations around Temecula, including JDS Creative Academy, Temecula City Hall Conference Center, and a local theater. We will have nominal entrance fees in order to be inclusive to all who wish to participate.

Some of the major contributors of JDS CREATIVE ACADEMY are; Roripaugh Foundation, Abbott Laboratories, Union Bank, Supervisor Chuck Washington, Union Bank Mortgage, Cadent Foundation, and our Community at large. We hope we can count you among our supporters. We need your help so we can create this annual Community and Regional event, if done right, it can attract the world to Temecula. The Digifest event concept is becoming an International Commodity.

We have many sponsorship opportunities available and all donations are 100% tax deductible please check out the attached information, visit our website www.jdscreativeacademy.org under the giving tab and our DigiFestTM website www.digifesttemecula.org. Along with receiving a tax deduction and the world exposure, you can feel good knowing your donation supports the arts, education, work force development and youth right here in your local regional community.

Please give us a call at 951-296-6715 and speak to our founder Diane Strand, if you have any questions.

Thanking you in advance for your contribution!
Warm Regards,
Diane Strand
Executive Director, Founder