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DigiFest® celebrates multi-media’s unique power to bring together several media forms that share original stories, diverse perspectives, and rich emotional journeys through collaborating digital mediums.

Diane Strand

Founder JDS Creative Academy | DigiFest® Temecula

DigiFest® Temecula

JDS Creative Academy has reinvented what the City of Temecula recognized as the International Temecula Film and Music Festival into what is now referred to as DigiFest® Temecula. DigiFest® Temecula is a vehicle for the community and region to come together and experience digital media in many creative and artistic forms. DigiFest® Temecula is also a place to learn about industry advancements, how to pursue a career in the industry, and how to incorporate digital arts into the economic culture.

2021 Emerald Award


DigiFest 2023 Recap

Last Years DigiFest® was a thrilling in-person extravaganza! Attendees immersed themselves in captivating talks from industry luminaries, immersive workshops, exclusive screenings, and vibrant networking sessions. Throughout the event, participants seized unparalleled opportunities to glean insights from our esteemed Industry Panelists and forge meaningful connections, making it a weekend to remember.elists, and network with other participants all weekend via a ZOOM feature and a Virtual Studio Audience!

Event Schedule

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