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DigiFest® celebrates multi-media’s unique power to bring together several media forms that share original stories, diverse perspectives, and rich emotional journeys through collaborating digital mediums.

Diane Strand

Founder JDS Creative Academy | DigiFest® Temecula

DigiFest® Temecula

JDS Creative Academy has reinvented what the City of Temecula recognized as the International Temecula Film and Music Festival into what is now referred to as DigiFest® Temecula. DigiFest® Temecula is a vehicle for the community and region to come together and experience digital media in many creative and artistic forms. DigiFest® Temecula is also a place to learn about industry advancements, how to pursue a career in the industry, and how to incorporate digital arts into the economic culture.

2021 Emerald Award


Event Speakers, Workshops, Entertainers!

Check out our full list of guests for 2022!
Jenny Brown

Casting Director | Publicity Coach
Kari Michealsen

Actress | Television Personality
Torin Floyd

Performer | Community Activist
Mario Ortiz

Emmy Winning Cinematographer | Photographer
Renee Pezzotta

Actress | Producer | Comedian
Cathy Nolan

Caricature Artist | Illustrator
Andrew Farago

Curator | Historian
James Crowley

Animator | Storyboard Artist
Gina Tuttle

Emmy Winning Voiceover Actress

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This year’s DigiFest® was an amazing virtual event with participants enjoying renowned industry speakers, workshops, screenings, and networking all from the comfort of their home. Within the broadcast there were many opportunities to share insights, gain knowledge from our Industry Panelists, and network with other participants all weekend via a ZOOM feature and a Virtual Studio Audience!

Event Schedule

Schedule for the 2022 DigiFest

  • Jenny Brown

    7pm - 8pm


    Jenny Brown

    Jenny Brown is a media enthusiast who has spent the better part of the last decade working in various areas of the television industry in order to bring happiness and entertainment to the masses. After growing up and graduating college in the Midwest, Jenny moved to LA where she interned and worked at the top entertainment news show in the country, Entertainment Tonight.

  • Kari Michealsen

    8pm - 9pm


    Kari Michealsen

    Kari Michaelsen’s television, film and theater credits account for an impressive list of accomplishments. She starred in the NBC hit series “Gimme A Break” which brought her fame and wrapped after six successful seasons.

  • Torin Floyd

    9pm - 10pm

    Performance Artist

    Torin Floyd

    Torin’s entertainment-oriented family nurtured an early interest in performance. He studied music, the recording industry, sound engineering, and art at the San Francisco Art Institute and SF College. Torin returned to LA for additional classes in acting, modeling, and music, studying at The Network Studios, where he developed his breakthrough character, Johnnie B. Bad.

  • Mario Ortiz

    10:45am - 12:15pm


    Mario Ortiz

    Mario Ortiz is a multiple Emmy award winning director of photography with over 20 years of commercial, corporate and motion picture production experience. He has a passion for camera movement that is evident in the body of his work. As a certified Steadicam/Glidecam operator and Jib owner operator, Mario has much to offer his clients.

  • Animation/Comics Panel

    1:30pm - 2:45pm

    Guest Panel

    Animation/Comics Panel

    Join renowned caricaturist and illustrator Cathy Nolan as she moderates a discussion about the animation and comic industries between curator and historian Andrew Farago, animator and storyboard artist James Crowley, and cartoonist Shaenon K. Garrity. There will be time for an audience Q&A at the end.

  • Renee Pezzotta

    3pm - 4pm


    Renee Pezzotta

    As a technology and Learning enthusiast Renee Pezzotta has spent the last 15 years working in technology as an instructional and learning experience designer for Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, and YouTube. As a working actor, Renee has done a ton of work in TV and film including: “How to get away with Murder,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Gilmore Girls,” and most recently in Aaron Sorkin’s “Being the Ricardos” where she and Nicole Kidman reimagined the iconic grape stomping scene from “I Love Lucy”.

  • Entry Viewings

    6:30pm - 10pm

    JDS Studios

    Entry Viewings

    Starting at 6:30PM on Saturday, April 23, short film, animation, and other submissions will be viewed in house!

  • Digi Awards Banquet

    5pm - 9pm


    Digi Awards Banquet

    Walk the blue carpet at the DigiFest awards banquet on Sunday, April 24. Enjoy cocktail hour, entertainment, and dinner before finding out who has won a DigiAward!

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