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DigiFest® celebrates multi-media’s unique power to bring together several media forms that share original stories, diverse perspectives, and rich emotional journeys through collaborating digital mediums.

Diane Strand

Founder JDS Creative Academy | DigiFest® Temecula

DigiFest® Temecula

JDS Creative Academy has reinvented what the City of Temecula recognized as the International Temecula Film and Music Festival into what is now referred to as DigiFest® Temecula. DigiFest® Temecula is a vehicle for the community and region to come together and experience digital media in many creative and artistic forms. DigiFest® Temecula is also a place to learn about industry advancements, how to pursue a career in the industry, and how to incorporate digital arts into the economic culture.

2021 Emerald Award


Event Speakers, Workshops, Entertainers!

Check out our full list of guests for 2023!
Ryan O'Nan

Writer | Actor | Producer | Director | Author
Eileen Grubba

Actress | Writer | Producer
Donna Maine

Funny Lady | Stand-up Comedian | Professional Emcee | Clever Writer
Sammy Listoe

Singer | Songwriter | Rock-Country Artist
Pryde Pierce

Independent Filmmaker | Actor | Videographer
Alex Bram

Chris Nolan

Director | Author
Rachel Nee-Hall

Director | Producer | Cinematographer
Bob Bergen

Voice Over Artist
Candi Milo

Actress | Voice Over Artist
Kathryn Nicolai

Award-Winning Podcast Creator
Shamina Taylor

Wealth Expert | Mentor
Michale Unbroken

Coach | Mentor | Educator
Krystal Filestra

Instructor | Creative
Byron Fry

Composer | Arranger | Orchestrator | Producer | Studio Musician | Educator
Diane Forster

Life Coach | Author
Lee Coulter

Singer-Songwriter | Producer
Fiona Ma

California State Treasurer
Adrian Paul

Actor | Director | Producer

DigiFest 2022 Recap

Last Years DigiFest® was an amazing in person and virtual event with participants enjoying renowned industry speakers, workshops, screenings, and networking all from the comfort of their home. Within the broadcast there were many opportunities to share insights, gain knowledge from our Industry Panelists, and network with other participants all weekend via a ZOOM feature and a Virtual Studio Audience!

Event Schedule

Schedule for the 2023 DigiFest

  • Ryan O'Nan


    Ryan O'Nan

    Ryan O’Nan is a TV writer, actor, producer, director and author. He’s currently a writer/Co-Executive Producer and actor on ABC’s BIG SKY.

  • Eileen Grubba


    Eileen Grubba

    Eileen Grubba is an award-winning actress, writer, and producer. She serves on the PGEC committee of the Television Academy, is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio, and Brand Ambassador for Global Disability Inclusion.

  • Donna Maine

    Stand-up Comedian | Emcee

    Donna Maine

    Donna is an LA-based stand-up comedian, emcee, and comedy writer who performs across the country.  From clean to more adult humor, her comedic insights run the gamut; including relationships, kids/grandkids, and being a former nurse.

  • Sammy Listoe

    Live Entertainment

    Sammy Listoe

    Over the last 10 years, Sammy has performed all over the world, released several albums and singles, and recently began working with a very talented group of musicians that make up his band. This group brings the good times with energy, fun and emotion throughout their live shows.

  • Directors Panel

    Guest Panel

    Directors Panel

    Meet our notable panel of award-winning film and television directors as they discuss their craft in an intimate setting. Their individual journeys to success will inspire you to level up your own creativity. 

  • Voice Over Panel

    Guest Panel

    Voice Over Panel

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a voice over artist? Two top voice over actors discuss what happens behind-the-scenes and what you need to know to break into this competitive field.   

  • Podcaster/Influencer Panel

    Podcaster/Influencer Panel

    Meet our group of successful professionals as they recount how creating podcasts  supercharged their lives and careers, helping them get to where they are today.

  • Krystal Filestra

    AI in the Creative World

    Krystal Filestra

    She believes that everyone can be an artist and that AI art can help bring people’s visions into digital art.

  • Entry Viewings

    Entry Viewings

    Short film, animation, and other video submissions to be showcased and voted on for People’s Choice Awards.

  • Adobe Premiere Workshop

    David Creamer

    Adobe Premiere Workshop

  • Music Arrangement Workshop

    Byron Fry

    Music Arrangement Workshop

    Byron Fry, arranger / producer for platinum and #1 hitmakers, teaches some of his most powerful and simple go-to tools for purpose-driven musical creation. Your creative voice and presents your music to the listener in the best way possible. You will hear about the tools of arranging so your music will stick out from all that competition.

    “Your immediate takeaway will include accelerated workflow, faster & better decision making, and knowing where you’re going before you start to create. Taught for ALL levels!”

  • Podcast/TV How to Produce Workshop

    Diane Forster

    Podcast/TV How to Produce Workshop

    Diane knows how it feels to reach a point of no return where life seems to be spiraling out of control. Through her own painful journey out of chaos, Diane discovered how to transform those spiraling forces into POWER and changed her life forever. Diane teaches you exactly how you can do it, too.

  • Sunday Evening Celebration

    3:30pm - 9pm

    City of Temecula Civic Center

    Sunday Evening Celebration

  • Lee Coulter

    Live Entertainment

    Lee Coulter

    Winner “Best Acoustic/Folk Song” 2021 San Diego Music Awards for Look Away
    #1 Single on iTunes Australia and New Zealand with “We You Me (featuring Dixie Maxwell)” – August 2018″
    Lee Coulter and his music are a product of globalization in the 21st century – a multi-national, multi-racial artist existing between nations, cultures and belief systems attempting to bridge gaps and synchronize hearts through the uniting powers of words and music.

  • Adrian Paul

    Keynote Speaker

    Adrian Paul

    Internationally recognized, Adrian has over 35 films and more than 200 hours of acting credits in over 25 years in the entertainment industry. Since starting as an actor in 1985, he has starred in three series, the most notable being the international hit series and film franchise Highlander, along with starring and acting in numerous action and drama films. He has also had success behind the camera as a director and producer. Having written several screenplays, in 2014 he became a freelance creative advisor for Lucky Coffee productions.

  • Fiona Ma, CPA.


    Fiona Ma, CPA.

    Presently, her office processes more than $3 trillion in banking transactions. She provides transparency and oversight for the government’s investment portfolio and accounts, as well as for the state’s surplus funds.

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