JDS Podcasts


Hands On Business

How to Turn Your Passion Into Profits – Diane Strand
with Hakeem Adebiyi
– Published June 2, 2024




Maryland Coalition Inclusive Education

Breaking Barriers: How JDS Creative Academy is Empowering Adults with Developmental Disabilities
– Published May 30, 2024

Think Inclusive

Breaking Barriers: How JDS Creative Academy is Empowering Adults with Developmental Disabilities
– Published May 30, 2024

Think Inclusive



Major Pain Podcast

JDS Creative Academy: Empowering Creativity and Disability Inclusion
– Published May 29, 2024



Revolutionizing Engagement Through Video Marketing,
with Diane Strand

The Innovative Agency
with Sharon Toerek
– Published May 22, 2024



Icon Presents

Diane Strand:Transforming Lives Through Media and Mentorship
– Published April 29, 2024

Diane Strand - Icon Presents



Leadership with Producer, Diane Strand

Unleashed and Unstoppable Podcast
with Carol Register & Alex Lianne Carter
– Published April 4, 2024



Higher Educations

Talk Of Fame Podcast Ep 268 w/Diane Strand
– Published March 2024



Your Path to Nonprofit Leader…

249: Maximizing Video to Tell Your Nonprofit Story with Diane Strand
with Dr Patton McDowell
– Published February 15, 2024



The MAKE IT Podcast – Mindsets of Working Actors and Building a
Film Community | Diane Strand

366 – Indie Talk Takeover
– Published February, 2024



The Make It Podcast

366 – Indie Talk Takeover | Developing a Characters Authenticity, Backstory, and Truth to Roles | Acting Teacher & DigiFest Founder Diane Strand
with Chris and Nick
– Published January 30, 2024

Diane Strand - Make It Presents



Inclusion in Hollywood: Meet Diane Strand with Mike McGloth

Special Education Inner Circle with Catherine Whitcher M.Ed
– Published January 2024

Inclusion in Hollywood: Meet Diane Strand



Creative Chats Podcast

From TV and Theater to Entrepreneurship: Diane Strand’s Story of Creativity and Purpose
– November 29th, 2023



The Marketing Mavericks Podcast

Diane Strand Shatters Video Production Industry Barriers
– Published July 14th, 2023



Small Business Origins

Unveiling the Transformative Power of the Arts: Reconnecting, Inspiring, and Leveling Up feat. Diane Strand with JDS Creative Academy
– Published June 15th, 2023



Chords, Vines, and Dines

Episode 125: Bill Wilson & Diane Strand
– Published March 13th, 2023



Everyday Folks Radio

Meet Author Diane Strand
– Published January 14th, 2023



Speaking of Impact

Speaking of Impact
Episode 125: A Spirit of Innovation With Diane Strand
– Published November 24th, 2022



Creative Conversations with Hollis Citron

Exploring the World Of TV & Video Production, Acting & Helping One Person Everyday
– Published September 26, 2022



G4 Advocacy Media 

Journey’s Season 2, Episode 28 – Diane Strand
– Published August 1st, 2022



Startempire Wire

Making Dreams Come True by Providing H.O.P.E With Diane Strand of JDS Creative Academy
– Published June 23rd, 2022



Brave Interview

Interview with Diane Strand
Brave Hosted by Nicole Tsong
– Published April 7th, 2022



Groove with Portia
Turn your mess into a Message – Staring Diane Strand CEO of JDS Video & Media Productions
– Published January 5th, 2022

Groove with Portia January



Shut Up and Grind! with Robert B. Foster!
Episode #181 – All Star Panel #4 – How to manifest what you want in 2022
-Published December 4th, 2021



Shut Up and Grind! with Robert B. Foster!
Episode #167 – Breaking down workforce Barriers with Diane Strand
– Published November 5th, 2021



How I Scaled Service with Caitlin Strempel

Episode #12 – Media Innovation with JDS Studio’s Diane Strand
– Published August 2021



High Performance Practice with Mike McGloth

Diane Strand
– Published June 2021

High Performing Practice