Speaker Bios

Jon Corser, Digifest Keynote Speaker

Currently VP Production at NBCUniversal Cable Production, John’s 25 years as a Producer have taken him to over 20 countries and 5 continents. He is a Producer’s Council member of the Producer’s Guild of America, an expert digital production workflows and advocate for cloud based production management. He has been a recurring speaker at the Digital Video Expo, the Sundance Film festival, the Cannes Film Festival, the Digital Production Summit (NAB) and many other festivals and conferences.

John’s projects have won numerous awards including an Emmy for “New approaches to Daytime Entertainment” 2010 and an Oscar nomination for the short film Most (2003). He has produced commercials, promotional films, music videos, feature films, dramatic television, Variety shows, events and educational films. John has extensive expertise managing productions both large and small with complex production challenges.

Jon Corser will be Friday evening’s keynote speaker

David Tobin

David came from the world of TV production having brought to life over 35 shows that have been seen on every
major network. In addition he ran the world famous Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. During this
time he worked with educational programs to help educators reach students on their level. Through his efforts he created the Audiojack app that has become one of the most revolutionary additions to how kids learn. Most recently, he was a producer on the digital hit shows, Fight of the Living Dead for YouTube and MakeUp or BreakUp for

David Tobin will be Sunday’s keynote speaker and will also be on the Industry Panel at the Awards Banquet, Sunday, April 15th.

Mike Morris

Hailing from Southern California, Mike Morris decided on a future career in animation at 15, while a student at Arlington High School in Riverside, CA. Mike went on to pursue his animation career, working his way through a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Character Animation from The California Institute of the Arts, graduating in 2006.

He has worked on various animation-based projects and television series, including the likes of The Simpsons, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Princess and the Frog, Disney XD’s Future Worm!, and most recently, Disney’s new Duck Tales reboot, in various roles ranging from Episodic Director, storyboard artist, as well as character layout, and animator. Mike has also worked for a variety of other media companies including Dreamworks, Warner Bros., Bongo Comics, NeverPeak Games, and Disney Publishing Worldwide. Mike continues to pursue opportunities in storytelling
in animation, and lives in Los Angeles County with his wife Dejah, and two children.

Mike Morris will be speaking on Saturday, April 14th.

Rachel Lara

Actress Rachel Lara is a well-known gaming personality who stars as the in-game character, “Tweed” in the CAPCOM monster franchise “Resident Evil, ORC” video game. Rachel is a popular speaker at gaming convention panels around the world that include Comic-Con and SXSW. Last year she starred in the SYFY Channel series “Opposite Worlds” for NBCUniversal. She received industry accolades for her performance in the thriller movie, “Killer Holiday” for Lionsgate Entertainment. Currently Rachel is filming her newest movie for Lionsgate, “MADNESS”, a mystery about the blurred line between reality vs digital reality. Rachel wore a digital scanning motion-capture suit while filming the feature and was immersed into actual digital space. MADNESS will be released in mid-2019.

Rachel Lara will be speaking Saturday, April 14th.

David Creamer

David Creamer of IDEAS Training is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Expert since 1995. Starting with
a background in traditional publishing since 1980, Creamer brings a strong foundation of production knowledge to
his training.

He is an award-winning art/production director of multiple publications, including Modern Drummer and The
Gourmet Retailer magazine—and has designed/produced hundreds of other various products for print, web, and
video. Creamer teaches virtually the entire Adobe Creative Cloud software, the Adobe Technical Communication Suite software, and the Microsoft Office. In addition, his training includes Camtasia, Storyline,
and SketchUp.

David Creamer will be presenting an Adobe After Effects Workshop on Sunday, April 15th.

Corinne Massiah

At the age of 8, Corinne expressed the desire to entertain. She currently plays Angela Bassett’s daughter in on the
show 9-1-1. She has appeared in G.I. Joe-Retaliation, CSI-NY, NCIS as well as had a recurring role for 4 years on Mistresses. You can see her on Pitch playing the recurring role of Young Ginny, as well as Secrets & Lies playing the recurring role of Young Amanda. Corinne has also done several national commercials.

Corinne Massiah will be on the Industry Panel at the Awards Banquet, Sunday, April 15th.

Virginia Pooler

Virginia Pooler is a Senior Integrated Producer for top-tier advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 brands. She began
her career as a broadcast producer at Foote, Cone and Belding in Los Angeles producing commercial and video
projects for Sunkist, Universal studios and Smokey the Bear. Since then she has embraced the digital space by managing multi-platform projects, broadcast commercials, and digital content for clients including Disney, Albertsons, Mattel, Activision, Spin Master Toys, Savon, and Verizon.

Virginia Pooler will be on the Industry Panel at the Awards Banquet, Sunday, April 15th

Roger Memos

Roger C. Memos has worked in the television industry as a producer and archival researcher for over 30 years. He started his career at Entertainment Tonight and went on to produce on talk shows and variety specials.

In 2005, he won a Daytime Emmy for producing on the reality series “Starting Over”. He was associate producer on
the feature documentary “AKA Tommy Chong” which wowed audiences at the 2005 Toronto International Film
Festival. In 2010, Roger had the pleasure of doing archival research for the feature documentary “Jean-Michel
Basquiat: The Radiant Child.” Roger directed and co-produced his first feature documentary “Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity.” The documentary won “Best Documentary Feature” at the Burbank International Film Festival, The Studio City International Film Festival, and the Sherman Oaks Film Festival.

Roger C. Memos will be presenting his film “Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity” at Temeku Theater, Saturday, April 14th at 8:00 pm, and will also be
on the Industry Panel at the Awards Banquet Sunday, April 15th.

Cat Miggs

Cat Miggs is the Witty Ball of Fire who loves sharing her creativity and working with the youth. She gives hesitant
young adults who are struggling to find their voices entertainment on her YouTube Channel as well as teaching
creative workshops to help kids find their inner super powers. From New York City to California, Cat creates no matter where she lives, thanks to the wonderful world of technology. Her motto is: Laugh, Cry and Feel Ok to Express YourSelf.

Cat Miggs will be speaking on Saturday, April 14th.

Halle Massiah

Halle Massiah’s bio will be coming soon