Entry Form

Early Deadline – Feb. 1st, 2019
Final Deadline – March 15th, 2019
Event Dates – April 12th – 14th, 2019
No Entries Accepted After March 15th

Student Fees – $5.00
Student Fees + Late Fee – $10.00
Amateur Fees – $15.00
Amateur Fees + Late Fee – $20.00
Professional Fees – $20.00
Professional Fees + Late Fee – $25.00

You may enter one Digital piece into more than one category if it fits. Only one digital entry, one digital category and one entry fee per form. Digital entries consist of anything created digitally or enhanced digitally: Film, Video, Photography, Animation, Websites, Graphic Designs, Digitally Enhanced Fine Art, Comics, Games, Music, Special Effects. Please call 951-296-6715 with questions.

Please read Instructions / Terms & Conditions page prior to completing this form.

Once you submit your form you will be redirected to the Online Payment page. If you wish to pay online, select the fee option associated per each submission. If you do not wish pay online at this time, simply exit out of the page after your submission is accepted.

Digifest Terms & Conditions Payment Agreement
There are no refunds for incomplete entry applications. A Competition entry is not considered valid until; entry form, correct entry fee, and entry project are all received by posted deadlines. If payment is received for a Digifest event admission and plans change there will not be any refunds granted. JDS Creative Academy is not responsible for any lost admission tickets after purchase. JDSCA is a nonprofit 501c3. If you have any questions please call 951-296-6715.
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I have read the online instructions and agree to the terms and conditions of the DigiFest Competition. www.digifesttemecula.org Competition entry is not considered valid until: entry form, correct entry fee, and entry project are all received by posted deadlines. To pay by credit card please call JDSCA 951-296-6715. Please mail payments, flash drives and CD/DVD’s to: 28069 Diaz Rd. Ste. D & E Temecula, CA 92590. Reference Project Title when submitting payments.
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